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Esmond International Markets Ltd The exchange is an emerging financial instruments exchange that was newly established in 2019.

Esmond International Markets Ltd Although the exchange is a newly established exchange, it was founded 5 years ago and was established by financial professionals and experience gained through alliances and transactions with various major financial companies in various countries. 

We provide services with the aim of providing everyone with a fair opportunity in the opaque foreign exchange margin trading market.

In foreign exchange trading, the average transaction volume per business day is 7 trillion dollars, and we have entered the electronic trading network of financial institutions around the world, and we are envisioning business development based on a financial instruments trading company.

During the five years leading up to the establishment of our company, we established business alliances with numerous financial professionals, and by building relationships that covered a wide range of business networks around the world, we were able to enter the financial products trading industry, which is difficult to enter. I was able to take a step forward.

We appreciate your continued support.

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Esmond International Markets Ltd I would like to tell you about the philosophy of the exchange.

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Esmond International Markets Ltd I would like to tell you about the background of the establishment of the exchange.

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